Mission, Vision and Values


Laurel House is committed to the belief that everyone has the right to live free from the violence of sexual assault. We believe that education, primary prevention strategies and law reform are the main keys required to eradicate sexual assault from society.

Our vision for 2022 is that Laurel House will be known throughout Tasmania as leaders in the field of sexual assault trauma counselling and support, education and training, and dedicated advocates for policy reform.


Laurel House will provide an inclusive, holistic service that addresses sexual inequalities and abuses by advocating for individuals and communities for change.


Our Values:

We Work Safely

This means we:

  • Have genuine care, for the health and wellbeing of our people, our clients and the wider community.
  • Are supportive; we check in on each other regularly and we support each other through tough times.
  • Are present and fit for work; we take care of ourselves; we are mindful of others’ self-care and when we are at work, we give it our all.

We are Caring and Compassionate

This means we:

  • Have a humanistic approach; we recognise that each person is different, we do not judge, we treat people with equality, and we listen to what our clients need from us.
  • Are passionate; about our purpose and the service that we provide to the community.
  • Have empathy; we seek to understand different perspectives and we consider how our actions may affect others.
  • Know the difference; between being kind and being compassionate.

We Value Knowledge

This means we:

  • Share our knowledge; thoughts and ideas and we provide feedback to each other in an open and honest, respectful way.
  • Have strong connections; to University research, contributing to an evidence-based approach and understanding our fit with national feminist organisations and movements.
  • Value education and learning; we are committed to maintaining our education and professional development so we can be the best we can be.
  • Build the capacity; of services and community to be trauma informed.

We are Respectful

This means we:

  • Treat people; as we would like to be treated, with dignity and respect.
  • Value diversity; we understand that we are all different; we value different perspectives and opinions and that we each bring something different to the table.
  • Truly Listen; even when we do not agree or when we’re wrong, to understand concerns, problems and different perspectives.
  • Provide feedback in a constructive and timely manner, and we understand and use the right forums and appropriate ways to discuss issues and concerns and have difficult conversations.
  • Respectfully challenge; we call up behaviour that is not in line with agreed behaviours, we respectfully question the legacy work practices and the way we’ve always done things, we find better ways of doing things.
  • Give credit where it is due; we share good work and good news; we do not take the credit of others and we build each other up.

We have Integrity

This means we:

  • Stay true to our team’s values, even when it’s hard; we always strive to work in a professional and calm manner. We are proud of ourselves, our team and the important work that we do.
  • Do what we promise; we get back to people who have made an enquiry in a timely manner, we keep confidential conversations confidential, we are honest in our actions.
  • Are dependable and consistent; with our messages to each other.
  • Recognise Trust is earned; by doing what we promise, by being authentic, by doing quality work and by being open and honest.

We are Accountable

This means we:

  • Take ownership of the quality and demonstrable impacts of our work.
  • Ensure that our decisions and actions are evidence-based and outcomes-focused.
  • Are considered and transparent about how we use public resources.

We are Innovative

This means we:

  • Are flexible, creative and responsible to changing needs.
  • Have the courage to take informed risks and try something new.
  • Are reflective and seek feedback to inform and shape our work.
  • Are supportive of innovation, both within Laurel House and within the community.