Our Projects

Disability Workforce Support Project 

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This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) to develop and deliver educational resources and training across Tasmania. It will assist Tasmanian clinicians and disability support workers to better support people with a disability who have experienced sexual assault.   

The project has a comprehensive toolkit to create awareness and educate the workforce to respond to disclosures of sexual assault in a trauma-informed way. The way in which disclosures are responded to can make a real difference to the experience of survivors, their families and carers. It is important for them to know that help is available.   

High School Consent and Respect Program

The High School Consent and Respect Program is a program developed by Laurel House assisting young people to develop a better understanding of healthy and unhealthy behaviour around sex and respect. The program is designed to:

  • encourage young people to think reflectively about their own use of sexual language and how to respond respectfully
  • equip students with practical tools around consent• identify any potential problematic sexualised behaviours
  • identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy intimate relationships

The program can be adapted to address current issues and tailored to meet specific needs. It is a highly interactive and hands on learning experience.

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