High School Consent and Respect Program

Our team have developed a new primary prevention program for high schools called: Consent – Sex & Respect. It runs over 6 sessions, and covers important topics like healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent and the law, relationship violence and online safety.

The High School Consent and Respect Program assists young people to develop a better understanding of healthy and unhealthy behaviour around sex and respect. The program is designed to:

  • encourage young people to think reflectively about their own use of sexual language and how to respond respectfully
  • equip students with practical tools around consent• identify any potential problematic sexualised behaviours
  • identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy intimate relationships

The program can be adapted to address current issues and tailored to meet specific needs. It is a highly interactive and hands on learning experience.

If your school, club or group are interested in this program contact us via