Watch our educational videos

Window of Tolerance

‘Window of Tolerance’ (opens in new window) is a 7 minute video explaining the concept of the ‘window of tolerance’ and the brain science that has informed it.

‘Principles of a Trauma-informed Response’

‘Principles of a Trauma-informed Response’ (opens in new window) is a 15 minute PowerPoint video discussing sexual assault affecting people living with disability, and taking you through some key principles of a trauma-informed response.

Take Time to Communicate

‘Take Time to Communicate’ (opens in new window) is a 15 minute video featuring people living with disability discussing communication issues others have when communicating with them.

‘Hear Me’

‘Hear Me’ (opens in a new window) is a 15 minute video featuring people with complex communication needs discussing communication issues.

Minister for Disability Services, Hon Jo Palmer, launches the Toolkit (May 2022)

This is a 2 minute video from the Minister