Consultation opportunities

Help shape Tasmania’s plan to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse

This is a chance to have a say in:

  • developing Tasmania’s Child Sexual Abuse (in all settings) Reform Strategy, and
  • recommending how victim-survivor lived experience will be embedded long term in the work by government to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse in Tasmania, particularly in regard to the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry’s final report.
Take the online survey. Closes Midnight, Sunday 14 April.

You can either complete the survey by filling in our online form using one of the links below. The surveys are aimed at 5 different groups. Choose the one that best suits you by clicking on the linked words or clicking the button next to it.

The online surveys are anonymous and your name or identifying details will not be used. If the survey causes you any distress or brings up anything for you that you need support with, please reach out to the statewide support line 1800 697  877 (available 24/7).

We are also welcoming audio/visual submissions on how Tasmania should approach our state’s child sexual abuse reform strategy.

With this option, you can share any thoughts and views on the strategy. You can also answer any or all of the question below depending on your preference.

  1. What do you think is the best way for government to hear what you want them to know? 
  • Do you like them to talk to you in person?   Do you like to do a survey? Do you like to talk in groups? Or something else? 
  1. What do you think would stop child sexual abuse from happening? 
  • Do you think teaching people about it helps? 
  •  What could people in the community do to stop it?  
  • What could the government do to stop it?  
  1. What supports would make things better for victim-survivors?    
  • Have you had really good support you would like to share about?    
  • Have you had any bad support?  If yes, what could have been done better? 
  • How can family and friends support better?  
  • Can the government do anything else to support better? 
  1. Is there something that the government could do to prove to you they are doing what they say they will do about child sexual abuse?  
  2.  How would you like to let them know if things aren’t working the way they say they will? 
  3. Is there anything else you would like the government to know about how they can make things better for victim-survivors or to stop child sexual abuse? 

Please contact Tess or Emma ( / 0438 045 986 or / 0492882270 or (03) 6334 2740 or call  to talk more about how you can contribute using audio-visual tools.   

Survey closes Midnight, Sunday 14 April.

More information about the Commission of Inquiry (Click the plus sign on the right to read more details)

The Commission of Inquiry into the Tasmanian Government’s Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Settings (Commission of Inquiry) was established on 15 March 2021. On 26 September 2023, the Commission’s Final Report was released. A full copy of the report is available at this link:

  • The Commission of Inquiry has looked at how children can be safe in Tasmania in schools, out of home care, hospital and health care settings, youth justice systems and youth detention and how institutions can work better together to protect and respond to child sexual abuse.
  • The Commission has made 191 recommendations for change and the Tasmanian Government has committed to implementing all 191 recommendations.
  • One of these recommendations (19.1) is to deliver the child sexual abuse reform strategy and action plan for preventing, identifying and responding to child sexual abuse, including child sexual abuse in institutions and harmful sexual behaviour. This is due to be delivered by 1 July 2024 by the government.